Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) zamia 2010-06-11

Good crew in the Jedi DA. Also good to see MacKenzie get some action, not as good as Harry's though. Love Graswold's way of handling the attack. And looking forward to Vernons return from OS. Good read. Cheers.

Author's response

Heya Zamia.

Harry needs the best he can find. At the end, he's going to select the best twenty or so of his crew, and they will face the Deez.

I have long envisioned Mack as a former SAS operative. (Actually, I think I first got the idea from Aaran St. Vines on

Graswold: Someone mentioned i hadn't made them bloody enough. My belief is that they are an honorable race, forced into a bad situation. They have the rigid moral code and the military wherewithal to support it. Kinda like a combination of Ferengi and Klingon.

Vernon's troubles are just beginning.