(#) blackparadegirl18 2010-06-12

Name: Rayen Dayne

Personality: Rayen is a loving person will talk to anyone, even that lonely homeless person on the park bench, she loves nature warning will wack you if you wack a bug, she loves to draw and photograph the oddest things, she is a anime nut, she listens well even when you thinks she is concentrating drawing something, she likes to point out random items and express random ideas, probably the most randomness person you'll meet, but however she is caring and will drop everything for you if you need a talk or shoulder to cry out your eyes on. She may seem real nice but mess with her homies and family and she will kung fu your ass. Rayen was a black belt in karate as a kid so watch out fools.

Appearence: 5'4, black and brown hair, blue eyes, tanned skin, small ass, orange sized breasts, average weight, has some decent curves, half japanese features. Tends to dress randomly She wears random items:
Hello Kitty shirts, anime shirts, band shirts, gothic corsets, skinny jeans, minni skirts, Lace Blouses, cocktail dresses, and anything that sparkles. Her foot wear are converse boots, flats, high tops, Vans, ballerina flats, leather boots, simple satire and more. Her bras and undies are like the cutsy types you find in teen stores

Vampire of Human? Human or vampire whatever