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(#) Cateagle 2010-06-14

Ah, a most enjoyable chapter that I had to read multiple times to savor before commenting. I loved the Queen's direct reply, complete with appropriate historical reference. The discussion with Arthur was both fun and educational, giving us a bit more background while setting up Arthur to run interference with Molly as well as running disinformation to keep Albus out of Harry's way until he and his people are fully hidden. Methinks Arthur should also be a training resource once they get a fair way into their training; if he was an Unspeakable, he should have some experience and knowledge, not the classified material - obviously, to impart that can't be otherwise obtained and will stand Harry and his troops in good stead. The scene with Mackenzie Granger was a delight as a protective father's honor was satisfied without things getting out of hand and Harry found just the trainer he needs. Since he can deal with the Force but not magic, Mackenzie Granger won't be front line troops (probably saving Harry from a lot of grief from both Hermione and her mother) but he'll be doing vital work in bringing all of them up to snuff physically (he's going to get hated for that) and training them in the styles he knows.

Lucius got lucky, he abased himself enough and Tom trusted him enough that he survived, this time. Methinks he's definitely going to wonder what "friend" sent him that package. Tom, on the other hand, has a new source of headaches (didn't expect that link to be quite so good both ways, did you, Tom?) that I'm certain will not help his performance. The venture to persuade the goblins was quite a bust and I expect he'll try more extreme measures next time, only to draw back more of a bloody stump. He, and most of the wizarding world, are too trapped by their condescending view of goblins to appreciate just what they're dealing with (I suspect muggle-born and/or muggle-raised magicals who've been exposed to a reasonable bit of sf&f will have a far better time with the goblins; which could really frost the arrogant purebloods).

I like the recycled connection between the Potters and Grunnings; I'm certain Vernon will (not!) appreciate the irony that he could've had a far better situation by just treating the child properly. As 'tis, I think Harry's got a most excellent revenge developing and it's going to be so interesting to see it drop on the Dursleys unsuspecting selves when they return from Majorca (well, actually, when they check out there, based on what you've said).

As for Fawkes and Dobby, that was a very thoughtful move by Dobby and it should be interesting to see how a creature with as unique a viewpoint as a phoenix will deal with a witch with as unique a viewpoint as Luna has; this could be quite a match and I can see where Fawkes switch of allegiance could make life all sorts of "interesting" for Albus.

The sorting that Harry went through to find his trainees was informative, especially the reasons he rejected some folk (heh, Cho just can't win with him, her loss). I find it interesting that those with criminal behavior were "encouraged" to turn themselves in; he's not going to punish directly (not, really his place) but he's not going to just let them go free; a marked contrast to Albus' MO.

And, no, you're not being wordy, you're carefully laying the foundations, now, for what's going to happen later, even, I suspect, in what appear to be throwaway lines. I'm quite enjoying this story and I'm looking forward to seeing the "fun and games" on September 1.

Author's response

Heya Cat!

Thank yeew! The queen scene was both hard and easy to write. I respect Elizabeth II. She's fair and just and has been all her adult years. Not many monarchs, (or presidents for that matter) could say the same.

As I explained to Teresa, Arthur will be mostly background support, with Mackenzie taking a more active role. His experience in skulduggery may come in handy but I'm setting them up for a direct confrontation. He will also provide information on the Order, where Amelia provides Information on the Ministry and Augusta passes on the Social circles' news.

Just now, his hardest job is keeping Molly from meltdown. On the other hand he may make a walk on or two.

Mackenzie: Precisely! In all aspects.

Lucius: I need him alive until the last, or I'd have had him made into a wall hanging. His willingness to allow Voldy unrestricted access into his mind, was the proving point. Since he knew he was not guilty (of this) he literally had nothing to fear. Voldemort s crazy...not stupid.

IN addition the 'friend' question is going to seed suspicion throughout the ranks. How many people knew? How many people had access? Who stood to gain the most?

Tommy's headaches are here to stay. He'd thought the link had been broken entirely, but there's just one little thread holding on. It''s enough. Imagine if the entire link was there. He'd be mind-fired by the middle of Harry's first time with Hermione!

Seeing the new suspicion I've seeded, plus his failure to 'convince' the goblins at the loss of eleven more minions, and the increased interest of the ministry, he's going to become more desperate, and desperate people make mistakes. I'm hoping to keep him from attacking too many muggles, but in a war like this there's unfortunately going to be some collateral casualties. Amelia, along with the Gendarmes Des Magiques, she's arranged for, from France, will help to keep these to a minimum. I want Voldy to learn he's in an untenable position. Each time he attacks someone, he will lose some of his people. This is going to drive him mad(er).

I think you're right with the attitudes the purebloods and mugglebornes have toward the goblins(and other magical people). The pureists have considered themselves the top of the pile for so long they cannot see any other way. Mugglebornes are, as you've said, more likely to have read some S/F&F. One of the prime tenets in most of those stories is: 'treating people with equality garners huge dividends'. (Nor Crystal Tears' by A D Foster and 'Decision at Doona' By Anne McCaffery are both very good examples.)

Even Hagrid respects the goblins for their skills. "Not the friendliest of folk, but clever as they come, goblins." (SS/PS)

Dobby: I was going to allow Fawkes to return to the magic, but Teresa suggested I keep him on by having Yoda visit him. While I really wanted to use that, I couldn't find a way to make it work, so I asked Dobby to step in.

Fawkes/Luna: I agree entirely. Fawkes is badly hurt by his bond-mate's fall, and more, because he couldn't prevent it. Luna is the healing 'earth mother' type, and will provide him what Albus never could. I believe her 'unique' viewpoint is partially induced by her gift, partially by the trauma of watching her mother die, and partially by Albus 'clouding her mind'. Fawkes' viewpoint comes from his being thousands of years old. Over time, each will heal the other and in the meantime, Fawkes will help to provide some intel on the old twinkler...along with some subtle and some not-so-subtle pranks.

Vernon is definitely NOT going to have a good day! His pain is going to start when he tries to check out of the hotel in Palma, and it's only going to get worse from there. Embarrassment...humiliation...SCANDAL!

Being the thick headed jerk he is, it's going to take Carolyn 'explaining' very carefully why he's in such a position before he understands how badly he screwed up. BWAH! BWAHA! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Sorting: Thanks. Yeah. he needs people who will focus on a goal and having elements like Cho, Montegue, and especially Bletchley and the nibblers, would be detrimental to the whole. Oh, and Albie is an idiot.

Sept 1: It's gonna be dinner and a show, with a nice warm-up act on the train. Cho will make a cameo there and show that she's got a spine of steel. If she hadn't been lusting over Harry, I would have included her in the Jedi group.

Until next time...


Oh, and as for the queen's reply, What better way than to Quote Dumas?

The recycled connection between Joshuah and the Potters: I like that. It's one of the commonalities in my stories.