Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) Vanir 2010-06-21

Entertaining, intriguing and involving. Harry does feel a bit distanced though. There's very little about his internal workings in this chapter and they are rather vital to understanding what he's about. I loved the Hat interaction, the duel with Patil and the thing about the prophet, too. However, your name for HBP was new to me and perfect...

Thanks a bunch, and have a donut.


Author's response

Thank you, thank you, and thank yeeewww!

This scene was more to advance the timetable and to introduce or reinforce items that will come into play later. I had so many things to get out and so little space...

I felt it necessary to show how a parent might not want to allow his children to vanish for so long. That the twins are girls and the Hindi place a great deal of value on chastity, only helped to set it up.

HBP, truly sucked, so it's appropriate.

Mmmmmmm! Donuts!

Homer..Erm, Alorkin