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(#) Teresa 2010-06-21

I enjoyed reading this chapter very much; especially Harry's party and his interactions with the Sorting Hat and Mr. Patil. I know that you've chosen the core instructors but I think that he could be an impressive guest lecturer/teacher! Of course he'll have to recover from that bout with Harry and the "discussion" with his female relatives! Like Mackenzie he could give the students a first hand lesson of what it's like to be facing a skilled and intelligent opponent. While many of the DE's have been relying on shock tactics and larger numbers there are a few who have knowledge and talent to back their fighting skills. The young jedi might have an advantage in training and weaponry but things can change quickly during a fight. That's why I think Mackenzie's gift was an excellent idea, and perhaps Harry should consider making sure that all the jedi carry something extra in case of accident. There's nothing wrong with a little touch of paranoia, and to misquote Obi-Wan " any type of weapon can be your life! " I also liked reading about Harry's meeting with Euwings and his plans to point Rita and her pen in the proper direction. Actually though, if Hermione was able to figure out her secret during the tournament, it's possible that Dumbles might know too. He might look into bug removal just in case. On the other hand Fawkes and Dobby might make sure she gets plenty of info without taking to many risks! It's nice to see how Fawkes and Luna are bonding! It's also good to see Neville and Susan getting together! Awwww.......Voldy and his migraine make such a perfect pair! After all, Harry and Hermione had to try out those birthday presents! By the way, is Bill working with the son or grandson of a certain Indiana Jones? Anyway, thanks for another fun chapter! :)

Author's response

Thanks. this is a little break from being the instigator of a national revolution, to being a happy teenager.

If I can, I'll get Rahjit to do a guest shot. I do hope he understands what the ladies are telling him.

For the most part, he's going to be busy running his business, International Exports,(Snarf!) but he can send and receive mail to his daughters, through the rather unique mail service he has running. A letter to Harry wouldn't be a problem. I'd also like to have Arthur and Filius do the same. All are combat veterans, of one form or another, and all are trustworthy.

~Like Mackenzie he could give the students a first hand lesson of what it's like to be facing a skilled and intelligent opponent. ~

At the very least, he can teach the more advanced students to defend themselves against spell casting opponents.

I agree. The Deez rely on overwhelming force and forbidden curses, but cowards run in packs. One on one, they're not much. Unfortunately, there's always the exception that proves the rule. Snape is reputed to be very handy with a wand, and apparently Lucy, the Lestrange brothers and the Carrows are all considered to be among the more deadly of duelists. Of course, Alecto is a little indisposed jsut now. I understand she and Bellatrix are on an 'around the levels of Hell' tour of the afterlife.

Mackenzie/Obi Wan: I can truly appreciate the functional necessity of carrying a knife. Obi Wan's warning is actually where I got the phrase I used. I'd heard it before, but my first DI, wasn't nearly as polite.

I take your point though. I think I can have Harry spring for a few dozen good blades. Mackenzie can teach them the basics of knife fighting along the way. On the other hand, they have a full plate as it is, and the battle is expected to be short. I dunno. Maybe both.

Euwings/Rita. I do have a method of forcing Rita to behave herself. It'll appear soon.

Again, I agree. Dumbledore has to know Rita is an animagus. If he's so informed on the castle and it's occupants, how could he miss such a security leak? Especially since he uses the elves and portraits to spy for him.

Harry has learned to be a bit manipulative and so you might see him using terms similar to those of the Ol' Twinkler. I'll keep those to a minimum.

Yes, Dobby and Winky are going to be the 'sources close to...' Fawkes will help when he can, but his role is to stay low and keep an eye specifically on Dumbledore. I'll also have the hat report what he hears, if Fawkes deems it important.

Awwww....Voldy: Somehow, I just can't find it in myself to be sympathetic. Maybe I can get him addicted to headache remedy?

Henry Jones: At this time, Indy would be around a hundred years old, so it could be Mutt, or possibly Indy himself, assuming he's still capable. After all, he went toe to toe in Crystal Skull and that was in '57. I figure when he dies, it's going to be in the field.

I loved his statement: "This was a lot easier when I was younger."

You are quite welcome.