Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) Vanir 2010-06-26

Insanely interesting. As i, unread and all about Jedi, finds them, the Jedi use their innate natures. The teachings of Jedi allows them to curtail and channel these natures, and as such, i believe Dobby is certainly a true Jedi by his actions. Funny as hell, too.
This is a fascinating story and i don't review enough. Every time i see a new chapter, i read it immediately, and other responsibilities be damned.


Author's response

Heya Vanir.

I am fascinated by the Jedi as well.

Until he was killed in a stupid hit/run one of my kiddle'
s favorite teachers espoused the Jedi teachings. Not the use of the force or lightsabers, but pretty much everything else. He was killed by some jackass who was texting while drag-racing on a public street.

Dobby is taking the place of Yoda, but not entirely. He has the deepest connection of them all to the force, but I'm trying to keep his character as close to original as possible.

Luna is playing the part of Jiminy Cricket, and will be making cameos from time to time. Hermione is the sex interest and she and Harry will be providing the nearly constant headaches to keep Voldy off guard.

I'm really glad you are having fun, but please, don't lose your job because of this story!