Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) Teresa 2010-06-27

Hmmmmmm.......Dumbles is feeling even more heat now!(snicker) Why, even the animal kingdom has it in for the "Dark Lord of the Lemon Drops"! He'd better avoid Hagrid's pets as time goes on; it seems that word is travelling quickly about him and his misdeeds. I'm glad that Fawkes is enjoying life while watching Dumbles suffer! It's only fair, Dumbles was wearing him down for years and nearly killed him. The preparations for his meeting with the Queen were excellent, and I loved seeing how her staff set him up for the fall and then her grand finale! Dumbles really has a blind spot courtesy of his delusional attitude; and I suspect that despite her warning he'll try something and get badly burned. Will it be a collaboration with the goblins and/or Harry or just her personal security forces who'll deliver the message? The man just can't catch a break, he's facing determined people in both worlds who have finally gotten his measure and are prepared to whittle his external power and influence away compleatly. One factor that has helped Harry and his allies is their flexibility; and that's something that Dumbles has little chance of understanding. Harry's meeting with the jedi students was very well done; and it was good to see how he answered their questions and concerns honestly, without the dodges that Dumbles and his ilk would have spouted. Harry and Dobby's training sequence was terrific! I also thought that Dobby's stealth manuver to get that blood sample was also very well done. The relationship between Dobby and Harry is excellent; and it's good to see that Harry is willing to take responsibility for dirty work, whether he's directly involved or not. That's one of the things that makes him a better leader and a better person than Dumbles. I also enjoyed Harry's meeting with the Grangers, and seeing Ginny learn the Weasley family version of stupefy! It's so good to see families enjoying themselves at home, doing stuff like working on a car or playing games like trivial pursuit.......a kodak moment! As always, your chapter was fun and exciting! Thanks again! :)

Author's response

Well, lessee. The owl was bought by Harry, probably trained by Hedwig, and is owned by the queen. I don't think Dumbley had a chance!

I can just see Luna calling him "DLoLD".

Just now, Hagrid is still Dumbledore's man. Minerva and Filius have a year to convert him, though. They'll also be approaching Pomona and the rest of the staff on a person by person basis. Binns is out, of course. Hmmm...I wonder...?

Fawkes is in a twelve step program just now. With Luna to nurture him and Harry to guide him in mischief, he'll recover soon. Quite honestly, I never could understand how a creature so 'of the light' as a phoenix, could stand to be associated with someone so cruel and obviously dark as Dumbledore. (Sigh! Go figger!)

The preparations to meet the Queen: Security has always been my forte. I simply took what I know and applied it to an enemy who had so many advantages. The filigree bands, are goblin made but the goblins have been shown that the muggles are easier to deal with than the wizards. It's to their advantage. If either dark lord wins, they lose. The PE-4, is something we can do now. Regardless the form, energy is energy.

For the time being, Dumbledore will heed her advice. Eventually he might decide to try something slick, but for the now, he's reeling from the blows.

~The man just can't catch a break, he's facing determined people in both worlds who have finally gotten his measure and are prepared to whittle his external power and influence away completely.~

Basically, that's exactly right. He's learning that he's not quite as untouchable as he thought. So far, Harry has managed to eliminate his gold, three of his most impressive titles, a fifth of his students and most of his influence, and corrupted his phoenix. More, he's protected most of the potential pawns from retaliation and and has done more damage to Voldemort in two months, than Dumbledore did in fifty years...and is still going strong! Dumbledore still has the school, and the gift of gab, but that's just about it.

Dumbledore's basic problem is that he has begun to believe his press. He ain't as bright and shiny as he wants the world to believe, and soon enough that tarnish is gonna start showing through.

He's also very set in his ways, while Harry&Co. are learning a whole new dance. Voldemort's guerrilla tactics are so effective because there's no defense against them. Harry is applying the same tactics to his enemies, and neither one of them can understand it.

Harry's meeting: Having served for so long in both the Navy and Marine Corps, one of the things I used to hate with a passion was the phrase: "The bigger picture". What they want you to think is that the bigger picture is good for every one. What it really means, is 'Shut up, do as you are told and let those of higher rank do your thinking for you, because you are obviously incapable of doing so for your self...stupid! 'The bigger picture', and 'the greater good' are neither.

That said, I had Harry deal with the troops like I did. I treated my people like people, I was honest and direct with them I told them the upsides and the down. I took interest in their problems and helped them through the red tape whenever I could, and as a result, I had a more dedicated group of people, willing to put up with a bunch of shit in order to get the job done.

Harry/Dobby: Actually, I got the idea from 'The Pink Panther'! Constant Vigilance, man!

Harry/Dobby II: Harry and Dobby have always had a love/hate relationship. Here, I'm trying to tame it. Since Dobby is now bonded to someone he actually respects, he's going to do his very best to please him. Since Harry is responsible for Dobby's welfare, he's going to do his best to ensure it. Which is why he takes responsibility for Dobby's actions. They both know better than anyone what it's like to be left hanging in the breeze.

I like the Grangers. Of all the walk-on characters, they are two of the most important, and yet they get the least air time. Here, I've made them into a family. They don't always get along, and they don't always agree, but they're always there for each other. That's how I've tried to raise my daughter.

Ginny and the boys: "It's a tradition!" Every young girl ought to know how to handle a cosh! It keeps the boys polite!

Speaking of Kodak moments, wait until the next post.

Glad you enjoyed the show, and thanks for the positive feedback!