Review for Heir of Sword and Stave

Heir of Sword and Stave

(#) Cateagle 2010-06-27

Definitely an interesting chapter. I quite liked the meeting with Hedwig as well as the pensive encounter with his parents. I'm certain both will go a long way toward helping him to his destiny. Meanwhile, the most manipulative Albus is finding reality confounding his plans and 'twill be interesting to see how much furthre they get confounded and how much damage gets done to them. Already by this point there've been enough changes to Harry that oblivating him and sending him back likely won't work.

Author's response

I will say that eventually Dumbledore is going to get massively grumpy with Harry because no matter what Dumbledore tries to do Harry just turns the tables on him.

He'll be tearing out his beard in a while, if I have any say in the matter. As its my fic, I most certainly DO!