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Heir of Sword and Stave

(#) keichan2 2010-06-28

Thanks for the new chapter!

I'll guess that the four girls also shared (and will share) this dream... Now, I have the feeling that it will be by recognizing Hedwig that the girls will come to Harry...

Oh! And thanks, but I prefer to try and guess the girls identity: if funnier this way :-D

(I've read only the first book, so I don't know (or remember) the "official" hair colors for each of the characters...)
Now for the guesses, Susan Bones is often described as a red-head (but not always, so...) and I would guess that the last one is a Slytherin... In half of the fics I've read, she have black hair, and the rest of the time, blonde, but I kind of like Daphnée Greengrass (OK... It's more her first name that I like, but, hey!)

Please, update soon!

Author's response

the way I have it planned is that the girls will have no idea for the moment (as the ones with wizard parents among them will most likely tell their parents who could probably work out the identity of the male pretty quickly), but as soon as they lay eyes on Harry they will (as I have decided to set it) get a strange feeling of knowing him and briefly see the dream image of flying in their minds.

the girls will not recognize Hedwig as a result, but they will feel an inexplicable attraction to Harry all the same. From then it's only a matter of how long they hold out against it. I may implement the "recognizes Hedwig" idea for one girl though, and I have the perfect idea for who it is....

you are indeed correct, Susan is the redhead and Daphne is the black-haired girl. The blonde and brunette are probably kind of obvious :)

thanks for the review!