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(#) Teresa 2010-07-02 looks as though Draco and Dumbles are going to have a very long year! I doubt that they'll learn from the situation, and when will dear Snape join in their remedial classes?! I loved the Sorting Hat's song and it's a pity that Winky couldn't get audio as well as the pictures. Dobby and Winky are excellent stealth operatives. Will Draco make it through a few classes before he's arrested? At least he won't have to worry about tests and homework in Azkaban, or getting the beatdown from a first year/jedi!(snicker) I bet the story will make the rounds for years, how Draco couldn't deal with a firstie! Hedwig's delivery of the envelope was also priceless, and I thought the escort had class! Dumbles must feel like the world is crashing around him between that impromptu meeting with Amelia and Harry, and the later set-to with Moody! Here's hoping that there will be many more moments like that in his future! The training scenes at the castle were great, and I liked seeing how several of the family members were able to contribute to the endevor! I'm looking forward to the "guest speakers" and future glimpses of Voldy-pain! The Dursleys scenes were well done, and I thought that Caroline's actions were perfect, there's nothing like seeing a person enjoy their work! Maybe Dudley can learn, if so he's definately smarter than his parents! As always, many thanks for the chapter! :)

Author's response

Yeah, Draco's rep is in shreds. Nothing Daddy can do will help him out, since Daddy's on the lam, and Drakey's got a new tattoo.

None of the usual victims ar there to share his witty repartee during the extra torment classes, so I guess for the time being, Snape will continue to be his snarly ol' self. On the other hand, since Cho stood up to him in public, others might as well, Most of the story from here on, will be centered on the Jedi Training, with occasional forays onto the wizarding world.

Dumbledore will be getting reminders from time to time as to how he's lost pretty much everything, but he'll keep on trying. Gotta love a guy who don't know when to quit!

Although Winky took the pics on a muggle camera, in GoF, Colin said the trick was in the progressing. Sound? Well Harry does have a pensieve...

Dumbledore will do his best to keep Draco in the school. Since the Aurors will be waiting outside the fence with their nifty new 'Dark Mark detectors', I'm sure he won't mind too much.

Draco in Azkaban...

If the word got out in prison that he was trashed by an ickle firsty, his name would be 'Bend over, bitch!'

Thanks. I thought long and hard about the Escondido for Hedwig, and considering what Dumbledore could have done to her, I figured it was important to protect her as best I could.

About the only thing I could have added was Wagner's 'Ride of the Valkeryie'.

The gravy boat was a combination of two things, actually. One was an accident at the dinner table, many years ago, when my brother threw a breadroll at me. It missed hit the gravy boat and ended up doing exactly that.

The second was watching a seagull open a clam (or mussel, I'm not sure which) by dropping it onto a rock from thirty or so feet and at around twenty miles per hour. It hit the rock and busted open and the bird was on top of it in a second flat.

The incidents with Amelia and Moody were both carefully orchestrated...behind the scenes, of course. That's why Amelia was smirking, and why Moody seemed to have been waiting...

Glad you liked the training. My first days at the Regional Academy in Santa Fe, was very much like that. (We were in horrible shape!)

After I left the APD and joined the navy, I was in much better condition.

SEAL training told me I wasn't nearly as good as I thought.

Family: Who better than the ones who know...

'Guest Speakers': Will be used sparingly...and much later. I want the through Shii-Cho, and well into Makashi, or even Soresu, before new faces are introduced. When I do use them, it will be mostly to see how the students deal with multiple casters at the same time.

Voldys pain will continue, and often get worse. After all, Hermione's birthday is coming up, and Halloween Guy Fawkes day, Christmas, the new year, Valentines and, whenever wthey can find time to 'relax'.

I've already begun to get him 'fond' of the headache remedy.

Carolyn: Too many people give attorneys a hard time, until they need them, and then, bitch about the cost. My attorney Carolyn was a sweet woman on her sixties, when i met her, who specialized in family law and custody cases. Unlike most attorneys, she did her best to keep the men in the children's lives, often gaining custody for men in a time when that was almost unheard of. She loved my daughter like her own, and frequently babysat for me while I was doing my reserve time. In court, she was a determined bulldog who absolutely would not let go, until the case was decided.

The Dursleys: Like I told Axelrajr, Dudley can be salvaged. It's gonna take a hideous lot of effort, but he has begun to think for himself.

The elder Dursleys are beyond repair, but he is not.

Thanks for the loverly review.


I don't now how I managed to get Escondido for escort, but I apologize.
Program must have been written in California!