Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) axelrajr 2010-07-02

this has rapidly become one of the fics i look forward to seeing chapters of. every one of them has been fun to read. nice touch with Dudley. rather hard to treat the guy who saved your life as trash. even if you go to just being afraid of him...

that lawyer has rapidly become a favorite character too.

im looking forward to more soon.

Author's response

Hey Axelrajr,

I'm glad you're enjoying the show.

I really, really wanted to hang Dudley, but I just couldn't. He's a product of his environment. He did what he dis as a child because 'daddy said it was OK'. That's not an excuse by any means, but is it a valid reason. Even in canon, when he began to think for himself, he was remorseful for his actions. As far as I'm concerned, his parent's are beyond redemption, but he's not.

Here, anyway.

Carolyn is a lot of fun to write. She's actually an aspect (carried to it's logical end) of my attorney, Carolyn Chapman, before she retired,

Next chapter should be up on Friday.