Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) keichan2 2010-07-12

"One has to ask what kind of morals is Potter teaching this poor bird that she would be cavorting with such clearly unsavory types?" Bwahahahahahaha! This is the most ridiculous comment ever from dear Rita :-D

Oh! And I didn't realize that Rita was unable to write Hedwig's name correctly, or even the same twice in the same paper :-)

This was the funniest article from Rita. Ever! Thanks :-D

Ooh! I so want to kill Severus RIGHT NOW!

I hope to read more soon!

Author's response

Most ridiculous: Really? I kind of liked 'Feathery Paramours' myself. It's so obvious that these birds are shaking down others for loose earthworms and the like.

Hedwig's name: Details, details. Who bothers with them? (Snicker!)

Article: Thank you. Once I got into her character, it was easy to write. She definitely has a case of verbal (verbose?) Diarrhea.

Kill Sevvy: Most everybody does. Don't worry though. When the time comes, his punishment will be both agonizing and humiliating.

More is coming. Thanks for reading.