Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) zamia 2010-07-12

Good to see Arthur has some balls with Molly(not in his usual way). Now Rita should be able to unsettle Bumbles and hopefully Snape also. hope the Malfoys get there comeuppance soon. Another good chapter. Cheers.

Author's response

The scene between Arthur and Molly was very had to write, given his canon personality. He's much too laid back to use the magic in their bond to control her, but he knows it's there. He's also got a steel that comes out far too rarely. My version is a logical extension of canon, so while he hated the idea of forcing her to comply, he could.

Since Rita is in Harry's pocket, she'll write what Harry wants. Unless Harry has an assignment for her, her articles will just be sniping, and since Dumbley can't find her, and has no cash to take out a contract on her or the like, he's pretty much buggered.

Snape and the Malfoys: I'm going to keep the torment light for the time being. Draco's already had a deep humiliation, and with Daddy on the lam, he hasn't got the clout to support himself, so the students are going to 'remind' him of that humiliation for the foreseeable future. Snape is the type to take his humiliation out on the students. But that will only last until McGonagall gets involved.

Don't worry, at the end, when the Malfoys get theirs, it will be permanent. Snape's 'reward' will be worse.