Review for What He'll Sorely Miss?

What He'll Sorely Miss?

(#) siaru 2010-07-19

Oooookay... The rating buttons appear to be broken just now. Pfui. +1 moving. So there. Yes, that H/Hr scene was uncomfortable. That says you nailed it close enough, because those scenes ARE uncomfortable (hellish, actually, in my experience) when you're living 'em. Keep going, please.

Author's response

True enough; it wouldn't have felt right if it hadn't been awkward. I was worried I made it a bit too awkward/sappy, but most people seem to think it turned out OK.

I haven't begun work on Chapter 4 just yet, but should do so soon. There will definitely be at least 5 chapters. Could it be more? Possibly. I've given up on trying to gauge how long my stories will end up being.