Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) dennisud 2010-07-21

Its been awhile since I've checked some facts here but I have a few questions!
-Will they exclusively be using Jedi Force weapons here or will it be blended with the use of Wands or wandless magic?
-Will this stay Harry/Hermione or will another witch join them?
-Finally will we see some of the main secondary characters die sooner rather then later on both sides?

Thanks and you have a helluva story here!


Author's response

Q1) I intend to have them training intensively to call upon the force, develop themselves physically, use lightsabers and protect their minds, but they will still have their wands. most of the students have become used to using them. In the final showdown it will be lightsabers...unless i make a last minute change.

Q2) For the most part, I'm keeping it to Harry/Hermione. I've left the choice open, with the potentials being Ginny, Luna and/or Susan, depending on the situation.

Q3) No. The main secondaries are all required for the story to proceed. We will however see a lot of the Deez end up bereft of a heartbeat. I've made it so that any time, Voldemort strikes out, he ends up with a bloody hand.

Thanks and I'm glad you're enjoying the show.