Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) Teresa 2010-07-21

Many thanks for the latest chapter! I loved seeing how Amelia escaped from (un)lucky Lucy's plot! Will he take something to help dull the pain Voldy gives him after his clean up at Malfoy Manor? Then again, he shouldn't keep his master waiting even if it is bad news....... As for Dumbles and Snape's little plot I loved how Dobby took care of things! It won't teach either of the creeps a lesson, but it was a nice bit of well deservered payback! As for Dumbles' refusal to deal with Snape's behavior, if enough parents get ticked off over his current behavior perhaps there will be a few more transfers before the next term. If nothing else, there should be an Education Department that parents could send their complaints to, and with Amelia in office perhaps action will be taken. It would give Minerva a bit of cover if the parents and the Ministry are ordering Snape to get his act together. It was nice to see how Harry dealt with the Dementors, and the way he took care of Stan's body. I liked seeing the progress in the training, and the party was nice! Poor Voldy....... her's hoping that his headaches increase! I hope Mr. Ollivander gets away, especially since Harry's plans don't rely on his wand! As always, I'll be anticipating the next chapter! :)

Author's response

Escape: That was a lot of fun to write, and actually I had it done before I wrote the set-up. I got the idea from a western I watched some time ago, (don't remember the name) where the bad guy was standing between his two thugs and the people he want ed to intimidate. When they didn't knuckle under, he yelled to his morons: "Shoot 'em!" unfortunately they weren't too bright and he WAS standing in front of them...

Pain: There will be a couple Motrin waiting on him when he returns to his house.

Malfoy is a snob. I cannot imagine he would appear in any meeting without looking his absolute best.

Payback: Snape is a bully and the only way to deal with a bully is to bloody his nose. Harry timed the 'accident' to coincide with Snape's delivery of a highly illegal and hideously time-intensive creation, specifically designed to turn him into a living robot.

Maybe, it will teach him to respect the student's work. If not, they can always boycott his class and refuse his detention. While Dumbledore is the nominal head of the school, the real power at Hogwarts, rests with Minerva. As deputy head, she can reassign detentions, such as with her, or any of the other teachers who will not abuse their positions.

Dumbley's refusal: While the wizarding population is involved to some degree, Dumbledore has ignored any external input until it's presented at the tip of a sword. He rules Hogwarts as his personal fiefdom and as senior legislator in Britain, I'm quite certain he has written many laws to cover any of his activities.

Snape is useful to him, so he allows him his 'little pleasures'.

Nothing in canon indicates that transfers are allowed, or even available. Sigh

There is an education department, but as I said, Dumbledore ignores what he doesn't want to hear. Once he's out of the picture, however, Minerva is the next in line and with Amelia's help and the 'restructuring she's doing, the times will be a'changin'.

Dementors/Stan: I cannot see any good reason for the Dementors to remain. Thus far, they've been the ministry's assassination squad, and with Umbitch's illegal use in Book five, they aren't under that much control i the first place. I felt that releasing them form a thousand year imprisonment and sending them back to where they came from was a better idea.

Stan: I couldn't leave him to starve to death. 'Better on the thrust of a sword', sez I!

Training: Slow but sure. that's the ticket!

Party/headache: He's becoming addicted to the pain relief potion. that'll add a new twist. BWAHAHAHAHA!

Ollivander: As was mentioned before, the force warned Harry of an unexpected development. that's why he took such rapid and hurried action.

One of Sun-Tzu's rules of war, is: "Never leave an enemy anything he can use."

Thanks for your patience. Next chapter is on it's way.