Review for Audition WINNERS!!

Audition WINNERS!!

(#) mandy9207 2010-07-23

Name: Mandy Marks

Age: Since this is fiction let's go with 21 xD

Who you want to be with: If you could throw him in there Patrick Stump.

Personality: I'm sarcastic loud outspoken somewhat bitchy but only when I want to be. I'm dependable loyal not really great at showing my feelings but I try.

Appearance: Mid length brown hair brown eyes tan skin 5'4. I mostly wear jeans tanks tees I'm pretty regular when it's comes to clothes.

Author's response

I don't really have any plans to put Patrick in the story. It's really a Friday Night Boys/All Time Low story, but they don't have either of those categories so I had to put them somewhere. FOB seemed to fit since they know ATL pretty well