Review for Coronary Duties

Coronary Duties

(#) Shadow_on_tauntaun 2010-08-01

I have to say so far this story is harder for me to get into than the others I've read so far... The writing style seems slightly different. shrug
I seem to be confused a lot... Might just be a bad night or something. I'll keep reading and see if anything changes!! LOL Might just be a blond moment! LOL
Oh!!... and btw - here in the USA our showers don't need switching on like the UK... They are all always at the ready to be used and don't need to be pre-heated (water heater switched on) every time you want to take a bath or shower! I HATE that about the UK. I hate hate hate having to wait 30 minutes when I need or want to take a bath or shower NOW!!!