Review for Serpent Souls, Merged as One

Serpent Souls, Merged as One

(#) rdgale2000 2010-08-06

I am currently enjoying all three of your stories and hope your muse returns so you can continue with the others.

I do have a question regarding this chapter... In it you state that the three had grown closer together, and that by Christmas had given new meaning to “harmony”. So, are they already at Hogwarts?

What did Dumbledor do when he found out about the bond?

What house were they sorted into?

I doubt they would be in different houses since they are bonded.

Or was this just a 'preview' as to things that were going to come about?

I wish you well in your writing.

I look forward to your next chapter(s).


Author's response


what gave you the idea that they were already at Hogwarts? they're still only ten.