Review for What He'll Sorely Miss?

What He'll Sorely Miss?

(#) datbenik513 2010-08-10

Come on, Mayor, it was the best coming-out scene I've ever read in a fanfic (or in any other story, for what it matters). For a moment, I relived my fifteen-year old self going through the same... Bravo!

It was also precisely how I'd been imagining Harry and Hermione in this situation. Like siledubhglase mentioned, both were kind of outcasts, abused, ridiculed all their life, no wonder they were afraid to show emotions, real/, /honest emotions. They've been friends for too long and they were afraid of risking it "by saying som'thing stupid like 'I love you'"

Author's response

The best you've ever read, huh? Wow! As for my own doubts about the scene, which I mentioned in my A/N: what can I say? I tend to be pretty critical of my writing.

I felt both Harry & Hermione would behave rather awkwardly in this situation, given their upbringings, and would be afraid to risk what they already had. I'm glad you think that I captured their behavior.