Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) dennisud 2010-08-10

Like in the 2nd Trilogy there could be potential Siths within the Jedi and seeing that the trio of Ron, Shamus & Ernie could go that way is the norm given the various stories from the SW books series showing just that!
Good to make them Padawan of sorts here but I think they need to get their arses handed to them by smaller petite and female Jedi's to push the idea of what it IS to be Jedi! Also use the threat of family members being injured is another modivation. Though that has to be handled properly as I remember the Jedi Council were to Arrogant (Like Dumbles) to see things happening before it was too late.
I suggest Ollivander could become a sage of sorts given his age and experience!

So far Wish TPTB would use this as a kick ass Film Trilogy crossover!

(I wish!!!)


Author's response

I really have no intention of turning them Sith. I just wanted to bring up the thought that Ron -could- become a Sith. Ron's problem is he's lazy, jealous and temper-prone...all the things Anakin was. His canon character is, in fact, exactly what spymaster's look for when recruiting.

Here, I've tried to keep Ron as more like he was in the first three books. I've made him a little more mature, a little more intuitive and more loyal. He understands that his family is at risk, from whatever source, and will honestly do his best to prevent any harm from coming to them. He will still be Ron, though, with all his failings.

Ernie's is that he's a pompous, overbearing ass. He'll be getting in trouble for that...and other things, soon.

And Seamus listens to much to other people's opinions. (Remember book five?) and will have to be taught the error of his ways.

You're right, The Jedi council was arrogant as hell. Unfortunately when they thought of the prophecy, they thought it meant the light side would win, when actually 'balance' means 'equal'. "A master and an more, no less."

Ollivander will be a walk-on a couple of times, and will offer advise now and again, but for the most part, he will be observing and making his wands.

TPTB would never consider it. it would be too hard to compress it into a one hour and fourty minute movie.

(Le sigh!)