Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) jabarber69 2010-08-11

Hey nice chapter and I too think your ideal on ollivander is a good one about his heritage and age.... the work out and obstacle course was cool....

as for the bill collectors tell your sister all they really want is their money, if you tell them you cant make the mimimum payment but can send them say 50 or 100 dollars a month then they will usually work with you, cause basically they just want to get thier money and any money is better than no money, but you also have to make the payments every month or else....

Author's response

Heya Jabarber!

Ollivander -has- to be a mix of some sort, and I had the choice of high elf, or ancient vampyre.

I honestly miss that O Course. I was twenty then, and had a six-pac. now, I'm fifty and have a keg.

We paid and paid until there was nothing left and they continued to demand more. When we met their attorney, we told him we wanted to work this out, but simply couldn't meet their demands. He told us that he'd see if he could get them to accept the offered amount and leave us alone. At least they can't take the house.