Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) lycus 2010-08-13

That was another great chapter, and we see that ron is in this more for the glory than saving the world cough it was food in DH cough. but I do want to thank you for having a Harry/Hermione story where she doesn't just run Harry's life. And since I suggested Su Li for Harry's other girlfriend I did some checking and found that most authors write her as the traditional asian girl as in quiet and submissive with a petite body, But since she isn't a developed charater you can make her into what ever you choose, like daphne greengrass, or lisa turpin.

Author's response

Ron's character in canon is a jealous, small minded bigot who believes he is owed something by the world, without making an attempt to actually earn it. That's the primary reason I object so much to the Ron/Hermione pairing. There's really very little difference between him and Draco Malfoy. He just has less money.

that said, I have no intention of making him a Sith. Quite honestly, he hasn't got the drive. He will try his best...when properly motivated, but he will retain the unique 'Ron-ness' of canon.

Su Li, I decided to pair her with Orla Quirke. As I said, since I know so little about her, I wouldn't feel right in placing her in the primary pairing. I do have a nice little scene where Ernie gets in trouble, and she's a part of it. She and Orla will play a part in the future as well.

Perhaps I'll develop her as a primary character in another story.