Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) aka_thenewguy 2010-08-19

"emancipated minor"
If I correctly recall the definitions of those two words wouldn't using the two of them together like that be a contradiction?

Author's response

Actually, no. Despite what many people think, 'Emancipated Minor' is a real legal definition.

Emancipated simply means responsible for one's own actions. And minor indicates the age of said person is under that of the accepted age of majority.

In most states in the US, anyone can be emancipated if they can show they are A: unsafe where they are, B: able to care for themselves and C: have a verifiable legitimate income, or sufficient moneys available to satisfy 'B'.

As a minor they are still restricted from drinking, smoking, gambling, visiting a brothel(Nevada and Maine) and other such vices.

Depending on the local statutes, an emancipated minor may also be restricted from driving and voting until they are of specific age.

In all other respects, they are considered legal adults.