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(#) Teresa 2010-08-23

Many thanks for another well written and detailed chapter! Dudley has come a long way, and his discussion with the judge showed how hard he had worked to throw off his parents influence. As you mentioned, he was the only one in canon to actually realize what he had done to Harry. As for Vernon and Petunia, I think that Harry went for justice, not only punishment, and it does work out better than locking the pair up and losing the key. Though I have to admit Vernon having an up close and personal meeting in a place like Oz's cellblock H does interest me...... sighs. The meeting with the Queen was also very good, and I seeing how Harry and his troops showed their visitors what the training entailed. Amelia and Augusta may be able to get their changes through the Wizengamot with better dispatch now that research can be expedited.......and it might help them make sure that the physical evidence of inappropriate laws and proceedures isn't "lost". It can only help Amelia and company's cases against Dumbles and the DE's to have that kind of proof. And as always, seeing Snape suffering just warms my heart. It's a pity that Snape didn't hear Draco's reaction to his little "accident" but I'm sure that with Peeves and the other conspiritors on the job there will be other oppourtunities! :)

Author's response

Heya Teresa!

Thanks you as well. Your reviews are the kind I look forward to.

I maintain that Dudley was a product of his environment. That he managed to throw off fifteen years of programming, is notable to say the very least. that he was the only one, is also noteworthy.

Vernon/Petunia. I couldn't put them in any prison, because I know what would happen there. It would satisfy, Harry'sdesire for revenge, but it would be over far too quickly.

This way they suffer forever!

The Queen has always struck me as one who cares about her realm. Here, since Harry has told her the Jedi would not be answerable to any one nation, Great Britain included, He and his Jedi-Students, are a potential threat. Not only are the various members, having a great deal of fun, but they're assessing the threat to Britain at the same time. There will be a brief synopsis of the report and a short excerpt in the next chapter.

Dumbleference: He can't interfere for the time being. Actually, he doesnt' know what's going on. Since he's persona non grata around the ministry, nobody will talk to him. Most of his pawns have been removed and neither Alastor nor Arthur will be in the same room with him.

However, those laws, have been there for far too long. Even with assistance, it'll take a long time to dig them out. (When I was in highschool I discovered that we still have laws on the books from colonial days, here in the US.)

Snape/Filch: It was an accident! (Holds right hand up and crosses left fingers behind back.)

I will always provide opportunities to torment Dumbledore, Snape and to a lesser extent Filch. the cat, I'll leave alone since she's a familiar...and I like cats.