Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) Teresa 2010-08-24

An accident eh? So that's your story and you intend to stick to it.....chuckle. As for Mrs Norris, I've seen what cats are capable of doing for revenge. My cat Phantom got even with my sister when she ratted him out for fighting with one of the other cats....... his revenge was swift and thorough! Any chance that Mrs. Norris might go after Snape and Dumbles on general principles? I'm sure they've ticked her off on occasion, and cats never forget an insult, no matter how many bribes you give them........ After the crisis is over will the Queen ask Harry to see in any of her troops are force sensistive? It would give Harry another pool of potential students in the future. Who knows, eventually he might have students from other countries as well. He might end up as Grand Master Potter.......or it might be Grand Master Dobby......complete with a gimmer stick/padwan disiplinary device! :)

Author's response

Well, of course it was an accident! What else could it have been? (Looks innocently up at sky and whistles theme for Star Wars.)

Mrs.Norris: I'm sure she could be bribed. After all, she wasn't anywhere near. to her, it was also an accident. If she were going to go after anybody, it would be Snape or Draco. (Hey! There's an idear!)

Th3e Queen: It's entirely possible, though unlikely. Refer to my statistics. If one in 10,000, is magical and one in 1000 -magicals- is force sensitive, that would tend to preclude the muggles from having more than a dozen throughout the military. (Because magic is very much like the force) I chose Mackenzie, because he's Hermione's father. She had to have gotten the gift somewhere. Her mother is more magically inclined, though her branch of magic is different than Hermione's.

Other countries will be invited when Harry get's his school opened and his first crop fully trained.

Master Dobby! Absolutely! If anybody deserves to talk backwards and hit people with little gnarled sticks, he does!

Really, though, he will be one of Harry's trainers in the future.

Thanks for the kind words.