Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) Teresa 2010-08-25's hoping that Snape, Draco and Dumbles have more "accidents" like that in the future! But with Peeves and company on the job I'd say that the "accidents" are just beginning; in fact Snape, etc haven't seen anything yet! Who knows, perhaps they'll start beliveing fate has it in for them.......(looking innocent) And they're all such upstanding members of society too! Why, it wouldn't suprise me to hear Peeves and his co-conspiritors (I mean "consultants") whistling "I've got a little list" as they prepare their gifts for the recipients! Nothing but the best for those well deserving people..... it's too bad the twins can't send a few things along as well! :)

Author's response

Yes, more pranks are in the offing, but they're meant more as irritating disruptions than anything truly vicious. They'll have to keep Peeves under strict control, because they want the evil overlord and his hench-idiots, to keep thinking these are unrelated accidents. There will be no time or rhythm for them to chart.

Twins: Bite your tongue! I would never deprive the illustrious Gred and Forge, the opportunity to create havoc. It's just that they're busy now. Yeah...busy.