Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) ROBERT_1958 2010-09-05

I just was Alerted that a new chapter of "JEDI POTTER" ready to read. I went to read the new chapter and I find out it is "CHAPTER 21. Chapte 20". I think this site has trubble Alerting users.

Alorkin, it would be nice if the readers could leave you a message here or E-Mail you.

Alorkin, is there a nother site where you post your stories, if so please let use know?

I realy like reading this story and am looking forward to more.

Thanks for the replay,


Author's response

I don't know why FicWad is alerting you all. Today, (9/6) is the first time I've posted in a couple weeks. I've explained why there.

If anybody wished to contact me, i can be reached at: Alorkin (at) MSN (dot) Com. be advised, however, I'm currently having trouble with a spam-bot.

I do not as yet, post anywhere else. (I used to post on Smargden but that site had no way of leaving feedback.)

I am considering posting on FF.n, though, assuming my raunchier fics are acceptable to that site.