Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) ROBERT_1958 2010-09-06

Great chapter.

I hope to get a new Chapter soon as I already read Chapter 21. Chapte 20, then yesterday I revived an Alert letting me know there was a new chapter. I was hoping Chapter 22. Chapter 21 was ready to read.

BTW: Alorkin could you allow users to leave Private messages on this site for you?

Is there another website where we can find and read your fine stories?

I hope read a new Chapter soon.

Alorkin, thanks for taking your time in writing your stories.

Thanks for the replay,


Author's response

I don't know why the alert went out. I've been dealing with RL, for the past couple weeks. I posted today and you''ll find the explanation there.

I have no problem with readers leaving PM's. (Actually, I didn't know it could be done!)

Just now, I only post here, but in the near future I'll be posting on FF.n.

Chapter 21 is up today (9/6)

As always, a pleasure.