Review for DISCOVERY: Revisited. (The Butterfly Effect)

DISCOVERY: Revisited. (The Butterfly Effect)

(#) Richardc269 2010-09-06

Very cool story. I loved it just as much as the first one. I'm glad to see that his relatives had gotten what they deserved for beating a child. If it were up to me, I'd just stuff them into a prison with other prisoners that hate child abusers (which pretty much covers most if not all prisons).

People have no right beating a child, much less a 4 year old. Kids are innocent up until the age of 13 (or at least very innocent), and have absolutely NO idea how the real world works. Kids also don't think of the consequences of their actions until they're found out. Which is common. I agree with the judge on his points.

I'm glad Snape was stuffed into prison too. That asshole is a child abuser, and Albus lets him get away with it simply because of his idiotic ideal that Death Eaters are just blind/innocent followers of Voldemort, and I have no doubt that Death Eaters (probably most of them) take the Mark willingly. Snape is one of them. He's a child abuser, except with words, he gets joy out of intimidating 11-17 year olds simply because he can get away with it. He insults children simply because he can. If it were up to me, I'd beat that douchebag senseless and smash his brains in with a blunt object.

In all honesty, I have no idea why Harry named his kids after those two morons. Albus Severus Potter? It sounds more like a gay threesome to me. But then again, Harry always was a blind, ignorant child who had no idea of how the world worked.

Harry was actually pretty smart before he entered the school, but Ron and Hermione turned him into an idiot simply because he felt inferior to Hermione's memory (even though I thought both Ron and she were stupid in the first place), Ron simply holds him back because he was a lazy knucklehead who thought he should have things brought to him instead of getting them himself because he was Harry's friend. I wouldn't want to be friends with those 2 idiots. Ron because he's even lazier than I am, and a hell uva lot more stupid, and Hermione because I absolutely loathe her personality of "If it's not in a book, it doesn't exist" type ideal.

I know I probably went off the story with that, but I felt I had to get rid of that.

By the way, FW said you updated your story yesterday, but I didn't see anything added, unless you removed it or something.

If this story were to be posted on DLP in their review section (and the prequel), I'd rate both stories a 4.5/5.

Author's response

I'm glad you liked the story. IN 'Discovery Revisited:' I dealt with the Dursley's as would happen in any country on Earth. In my current one I'm dealing with the Dursleys in a different, though much more unpleasant manner than mere death. After all, you can only beat an abuser/molester to death once. It hurts, but it's over far too quickly for my liking.

I disagree on your age lines, but that's about all. I believe children know right from wrong, if they've been properly trained, at age six. I don't think they should be punished as adults though, until they are at least sixteen. Children are precious. They are the very future of our race. To harm one is worse than criminal.

Snape s a street punk. A schoolyard bully who never got his ass handed to him. as a result, he feels entitled. i have a rather violent story in the works that has Harry teaching him a painful and permanent lesson, despite Dumbledore's threats.

Dumbledore is no better than Snape, as he is the one who allows Snivellus' behavior. Nobody is that dumb to believe the murdering scumbags are fgoing to behave if they're given another chance. Someoen once said, Seel;vor, I think: "Absolution without repentance is worthless, no lesson is learned."

If anything, Dumbley should be forcibly and publicly removed from all his positions of authority and locked into a psychiatric hospital for the rest of whatever.

Rowling described Snape as the bravest man Harry ever met, but I agree with you. He might as well have named his children Vernon, Dudley and Petunia. there's no difference.

Hermione/Ron makes me nauseous. I will use that pairing to introduce a story but I always have Hermione coming to her senses quickly. Pairing 'Can't be bothered to study Weasley' and 'Every 'I' dotted and every 'T' crossed, Granger' is a disaster just waiting to happen.

Opposites attract, but there has to be a middle ground.

I also agree with you on Harry's apparent loss of brain cells, though I believe Dumbledore ordered Ron to hold him back. After all, a weapon that begins to question is more dangerous to the wielder than the foe. HAL, anyone?

Hermione is annoying and addicted to authority, but you'll notice in canon, during her later years, she was less enthralled by those in power.

Don't know what happened yesterday, there is a new post today.

4.5, huh? I'll consider posting on DLP. I like them(except that they like to bash one of my favorite authors, Kinsfire.)