Review for DISCOVERY: Revisited. (The Butterfly Effect)

DISCOVERY: Revisited. (The Butterfly Effect)

(#) drifter 2010-09-06

Grin, I think both you, and your sister, are right, and I enjoyed this second story a lot.

Your first "Discovery" was powerful, and me in tears for a number of reasons. This one helped the hurt and seddness heal.

Thank you.

Question: (Luna) "The boy who died? He was alive again, but all grown-up." Does that mean a resurrection, or, did he grow in the next "great adventure"? If he is in the next adventure, will he be her connection to the next level?

Again, thank you for another great story.

May the MUSE always be with you!!!

Author's response

Discovery was intended to grab the throat. This was meant to show some of the aftereffects. I am glad this story helped to ease the pain.

Luna is a seer of potentialities. She sees what -could- be, not necessarily what -will- be. so she got two different views of Harry at the same time. On a s dead child and one as a grown-up.