Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) Richardc269 2010-09-06

Another great chapter to the story.

I am sorry to hear about your sister passing. Depending on her personality (which obviously, I don't know what type it is), I'm pretty sure she wouldn't want you to spend too much time mourning her and just enjoy your life while you can (most people will probably agree with that if they die and family members miss them, I know I'd want them to live life and not mourn me too long, that'd be pretty selfish if I didn't.)

I hope you take those words to heart, and don't mourn her to the point of not being able to do anything else. I'm 27 and even I know when life is total shit, you have to just go through it as best as you're able.

Here's hoping you live a lot longer (and of course, happy) life. I'm not religious in the slightest (more Athiest/agnostic than anything else), but I do believe in reincarnation (though not the whole "human to animal" idea), and I sincerely hope that in her next life that it is a longer and happy one.

Continue the great writing, and keep doing the things you enjoy without mental pain. I wish you the best.

Author's response

Thanks Richard.

In may when she got out of the hospital she told me that if she should de, I was to wear black for a year and then go to a monastery.

Actually, she was like that too. She understood more than most that death was part of life. She was very 'Jedi' in that regard. Still, I'm going to miss her wit and sarcastic nature so very much.

As a Buddhist, I agree with my sister. Comes death from life, and comes life from death. I'm fifty and I expect another ten to twelve years, but I've done everything I set out to do, so once my daughter doesn't need me anymore, I can die content.

Again, I thank you.