Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) vheritas 2010-09-06

Dear Alorkin,
Although we only know each other as author and reader, I just want to say how very sorry I was to read of your sister's passing.
Death has touched my life many times, both personally and professionally, and it never becomes easier. Whilst I love this story, please take all the time you, and your daughter, need to find some measure of peace, and to honour the memory of your much loved sister.
This was a complex and very satisfying read, and I commend you for producing such amazingly good work at such a difficult time.

Author's response

Heya, Vehritas.

I've seen death many times, but I'm more worried about my daughter. this is the first time she's seen someone die. As a sixteen year old, it's gonna hit her harder. I'm only hoping I can be there to hold her when she finally feels the blow.

Thanks for your kind words, and for your review.