Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) Caliko 2010-09-07

First of all, I love your story. It gives me a smile every time it's in my in box.
Second.. I'm sorry about your sister. I know this won't help much, but you are NOT ALONE. Your family will be your anchor, and you theirs.
When my sister died, in 2000, I was a wreck. Everything I did reminded me of her, since she was my best friend. That year, red headed angels where all the rage it seems.. I saw them everywhere. A few times, I thought I saw her in the house, many times I saw her in my dreams. I felt guilty for getting on with my life.
None of us wanted to celebrate Christmas or Easter, or any other holiday... We got presents for my son, but didn't put up a tree for years. It just didn't seem right without her. Just remember, what she would say if she saw you suffer too long... I had a very realistic dream where Tina asked me what was I doing to myself.... That woke me up.
Take care, sweety. and stay strong.
Marlene (Caliko)

Author's response

Heya Caliko.

I'm glad you're enjoying the story. It's been fun(if challenging) to write.

While I have never seen a spirit, my little says she's seen Marion's spirit hanging about. Who really knows? I won't discount the possibility.

Since we have no family left, our neighbors have stepped in to provide a shoulder if needed.

I understand what you mean about celebrating. My mother died in '01, and her birthday is on Dec 21, so we'd have a memorial every year for her before Christmas.

Marion was born in June, and so I think we'll do the same.

I think my little and I will have a serious talk about a Christmas celebration this year, but I think, Marion would want us to continue to live.

Thank you for your insight.