Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) ROBERT_1958 2010-09-07

Since Snape helped of the purging Voldy of the potions, what side is Snape on, besides his own?

Author's response

I have Snape being mostly on Voldemort's long as his own interests are not endangered. Here he's a pureblood bigot, and fully supports Voldemort's ideals (and methods). One of the most glaring inconsistencies in canon is that following Voldemort's reincarnation, Karkaroff was killed but Snape was not, and yet, neither came to the graveyard when Voldemort summoned them. Had Snape -really- been spying for Dumbledore, he would have been hunted down and killed as well, which supports my thought that he was ordered by Voldemort, to spy and sow disinformation.