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(#) Cateagle 2010-09-07

I can understand about seeing things you know someone will like and then, "Damn!" I still do that with regard to my father; we'd gone from being father and eldest son to good friends, too, and I share some of his offbeat wit and taste for wordplay.

I hope the insurance more than covers everything and leaves you in, at a minimum, a decent position. There's enough pain and suffering there already without other forces adding to it.

As I said before, deal with what you have to, write when you can, and we'll enjoy reading it whenever you do post it. You're one writer I know I'll always enjoy reading.

To change the subject to something we're both familiar with, I got a better reading on the S-61T rebuilds Sikorsky is doing from various S-61 and H-3 airframes. There are engine upgrades combined with all-new, latest technology (in both aerodynamics and materials) rotor blades, and new avionics and instrumentation (possibly a glass cockpit akin to the latest H-60 variants) with a full-up re-wiring. There may well be structural "zero-timing", too.

Author's response

Heya Cat.

Yeah, I know what you mean. sometimes I couldn't stand her, and sometimes she was pretty cool.

The thing I'll miss the most about her, is her sarcastic wit, and her encyclopedic knowledge of so very many things.

If the insurance is there, we'll have enough to pay the back-taxes and at least we can keep the house. From there on in it's all gravy.

Thanks for your kind words. I was writing one midnight, when I couldn't sleep, and I filled in a great part of Chapter 22, so it should be up soon.

I'm glad you ave steady work, though I can't understand why the Navy is refitting the 'kettledrums' after all, there are only two reserve squadrons left who actually use them. H-3 s a good plane, no doubt about that, but it's time has come and gone.

I wonder how five blades would affect the H-60's flight performance.