Review for I Like It When We Touch

I Like It When We Touch

(#) harleyanne 2010-09-12

I'm way into this story, I love the idea, I love the characters, I love their relationships, and I love the tempo of it and how it pans out. It's written very nicely too, which makes it more enjoyable to read.

My only one criticism is that sometimes in dialogue you forget to put full stops before closing the speech marks, but that's the only error I can find.

Chapter six was my favourite, that kiss war was one of THE cutest things I've ever read. Oh, and Frank's dream was pretty damn hot, not gonna lie.

I'll throw a belated Happy MWay Day in there too. I had an inhaler party with Bacardi and Coke Zero, listened to Anthrax and watched Murder Scene with my best friend. I hope you all celebrated!