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The Board

(#) rianifitria 2010-09-16

I like it very much because, for once, Harry Potter is not the centre of the universe. The utilisation of the four very minor characters was, in my opinion, quite a novelty, especially since they're holding power (since I rarely read anything like this, usually it involves the golden trio wielding power). I like the well thought of reasoning they gave to the rest of Hogwart staff.

However as it is, their way of dealing with Malfoy was very 'childish' as compared to well reasoned and 'by the book' judgements they gave to the rest of Hogwart reviews. It made me wonder if they're really really a bonafide leaders (as per well reasoned, seasoned people from all 4 houses perspectives) or just another Malfoy in disguise.

And... do you still remember the title of the thread in Caer Azkaban? I'd want to read it.

Author's response

'Deputy' if I recall correctly.