Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) shamedodra 2010-09-17

Your story is good but I dont understand the motivation of Dumbledore? Sure people wont wait for 100 years to take over the world....You mentioned that he was like that even from Grindelwald time but why did he wait for so long?? If he can use Compulsion charms and binding charms then he would have taken over the world long time ago and wouldnt have taken 100 years....And Fakes should have done something being incredibly powerful while Dumble is going dark?? And You Portrayed Voldy as complete idiot stealing the part of the fun in the story..Seeing him like that is amusing but something serious could have been done about him

Author's response

First, thank you.

Motivation: Dumbledore is a sneaky bastard. He uses innuendo, half truth and obfuscation, to lead people he holds in utter contempt, to do what he wants. Now, people don't like being manipulated, even those for whom the manipulations are beneficial, so one must use stealth and concealment. Those practices are more time consuming than a direct attack. Dumbledore is a chess-master. A parallel that has been drawn many times both in Canon and in fanon. Patience in that game is critically important. A good chess player will set up his pieces carefully and well in advance, and then when the time to use them comes they're where he needs them.

Who's to say Dumbledore -hasn't- used those compulsions? After all, he was in direct control of the judicial and legislative branches of the British government for decades, had an inordinate control over the administrative branch, and is the head of the legislative branch of the worldwide government. I have him directly responsible for three of the past four minister's being selected, (The one between Leach and Bagnold is not named.) and remaining in power, until they retire, are killed, or do something so abysmally stupid that the sheeple chuck them out.

In his case, he has been planning for this for most of his life. He and Grindelwald were friends as teenagers, in the earliest part of the 20th century. They wrote their 'greater good' manifesto together. He worked for a time with the only known maker of the philosopher's stone. He -must- have picked up a few hints there. It's entirely possible he has used some method to ensure his own longevity. Now that he has the stone, itself, he doesn't fear death. His pieces were all set up for a coup d e'tat. Since he's become the self-proclaimed 'leader of the light' who would dare suspect him of such skulduggery. More, since most of the people who knew of his association wth Grindelwald, are dead, the shift of governing styles would be seen as a natural consequence of the innate superiority of the pureblood wizards.

The only obstacles would be Tom and Harry. Once those two were eliminated, he could watch his utopia become reality.

The problem is, Harry threw a monkey wrench into the works.

I explained Fawkes in chapter 12:
"My bondmate has never been as dedicated to the light, as once I thought. Alas, once the bond was formed, it could not be unformed."


"It is in the nature of a phoenix to remain with the bonded until that bonded dies."

Basically, Fawkes was stuck in a loveless marriage, until Dobby offered him a sneaky option that he'd never considered before.

Voldemort: Has always been crazy. Even in canon, he's been a caricature of a villain. I've made him worse than canon, but not nearly as bad as some fanfics I've read.

In fanon, I've seen him described as truly horrific. In those stories, (Which I generally don't like to read) he's done things that would make Stalin puke.

Here, he's not an idiot, but until recently he's been busy, reestablishing himself, his Death Eaters and the terror he once commanded. In addition, he's getting the benefits of the lingering traces of his mental (Not soul, as that was a really stupid idea!)link to Harry, and as Harry and Hermione are frequently exploring the limits of each others bodies, he frequently suffers the headaches. Speaking of headaches, Voldemort has allowed himself to become addicted to a narcotic. Like most addicts, he feels he can 'handle' it. Any doctor (and quite a few others) can tell you how that changes people. He's paranoid, suspicious, exacting, and over-controlling, but excuses his own behavior as perfectly normal. He tortures his people as 'discipline', and sees nothing wrong with that.

He is still intent on controlling the world but like Dumbledore, he believes his methods are the only way. Both have a superiority complex and both want to see their dream come to all cost.

One of the biggest problems there is that Harry has tied up nearly all his gold, in procedures. One must have money to run an army. The Goblins like Harry, they do not like Voldemort...or Dumbledore.

I've made it so the new government under Amelia Bones is less corrupt, and more capable of handling the Death Eater attacks when they do come. I intended at the very first, that every time Voldemort strikes, win, lose or draw, he will pull back a bleeding hand. He may win a battle, but his people will pay for the privilege.

I hope this answers your questions.