Review for Forever and Ever

Forever and Ever

(#) aldualma 2010-09-18

OMG IS SHE FUCKIN DEAD OR WHAT? Dear God, you are so good at this, girl! and about those who say your chapters are slow, they don't get a hint, lol. some chapters need to be that way; you need to enjoy reading it, now only discovering what happens at the end. the story itself is way more important than the ending, i think. mmmmm the ghost of you @ aol sessions, when Gerard goes OH, OH , OH. That's good.
hahahah i loved the part when G texts like "bob says hello to claire. LOL" i seriously laughed aloud. i swear. i dunno, i guess the LOL was like out of place since everything seems so "formal" between them. you know what i mean, not formal, but like.. poetic? they're both pretty poetic :P
Hey I'd like to see some response :P