Review for Sonic Adventure 2: Dark Tomorrow

Sonic Adventure 2: Dark Tomorrow

(#) JesusKetchum31 2006-01-16

Wow. Just... wow. I lack the words to explain just what I think. For one, the first chapter of the story is just BRILLIANT. Not only are your quotes accurate, your descriptions actually add to what happened. After that, it gets confusing. While I dislike your characterizations of Eggman and Shadow (being the fangirl that I am), as well as the wholesale abandonment of the events of SA2 Last Story... the AU you present is VERY interesting! It's compelling, and I love the characterization of Knuckles. You've created an interesting, exciting, and complex world. I can't wait to read more! I'm especially curious as to whether you'll be integrating parts of Shadow or not.

Author\'s Response: Thanks for your review. I'm quite flattered by it, to be honest. My plot certainly has proven to be controversial on some of the sites I've posted this fanfic on. It's just an idea I had that I felt could be developed, to be honest. I'm certainly aware that some people may not like my characterisation of Shadow, but he will get some good moments. If your last comment is referring to the game, then I will probably only be able to put in minimal references, as I don't own it yet. I know the important stuff about Shadow's origins, though, so I'll be sure not to put in anything I know contradicts that.