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(#) Teresa 2010-10-13

It's good to see you back Alorkin! I hope that you and your family have begun healing, and that the good memories of your sister give you the strength to deal with her loss. As for the chapter, it was excellent, and I enjoyed seeing the various threads that you've set into place. Rita got a definate wake up call, and it should take this time between her quality time with her guards, paticularly Mr. Rochleau. For some reason I kept getting the image of Rochfort in Disney's version of the Three Musketeers.......just with an even nastier attitude. Also, I'd bet that Dobby would have done wonders with that duct tape! The return to Privet Drive was also well played, and Harry's speech might actually get through a few thick heads. Will he have an interesting conversation with Mrs. Figg? His idea for a neighborhood watch might be useful with Voldy and Snape's plan to attack during the holidays. I also hope that there are plans in place to deal with a possible attack since Voldy and Dumbles would love to strike out at innocents. Hmmm..... does Dumbles plan to warn the Queen about this attack in order to work his was back into favor? Dumbles, Snape and Voldy are all skilled at cross and doublecross after all. And does Dumbles think this might be a chance to snag Harry or Hermione? The training sessions were interesting, and hopefully Harry's plans for tutors, etc brings Ron and the others up to speed. As for the purebloods who are considering joining Voldy because their privliges are being lost well, if they end up facing either the Aurors or the Jedi it could just be "good riddance to bad rubbish!" Thanks for the chapter! :)

Author's response

Heya Teresa. Thank you for your thoughts. Things are still up in the air, but beginning to settle.

'Dear' Rita: Though she's unofficially working for Harry, she's been muckraking for far too long to just let it go now. On the other hand she knows she has real enemies, who would think nothing of torturing her to death. As for Minuard, he's a professional. He'll keep her safe, but his 'other' assignment it to keep her off balance where Harry&Co. are concerned. There's nothing like having someone you think would happily skin you alive, being responsible for your safety. Truth be told, that was one of FireLemming's last ideas to me.

Disney's 'The Three Musketeers' is an excellent movie. One of my favorites, in fact, and Michael Wincott, who played Rochfort would have made a wonderful Snape.

Dobby and Duct tape: Too cruel! We all know how exuberant Dobby is. By the time he's done, she'd be wrapped in miles of it!

The return: Let us hope so! Harry basically rubbed their faces in their own apathy, and his challenge was made on live television. As social climbing as most of that neighborhood is, they'd 'have' to do as he said just to be seen as doing something. (Harry knows all their foibles and his unintentional training under Dumbledore, in the arts of manipulation and subterfuge, has come in handy.)

Harry will have a little chat with Mrs. Figg, and take an action Dumbley definitely does not want.

Voldy's attack: Yes, the Aurors have a plan in place. Their rapid reaction force is ready for immediate combat, but the actual attack is going to be a bit more personal...with a nice twist. More next chapter.

Snape is going to keep the attack quiet unless Dumbledore specifically asks. He knows that Voldemort's sanity is more than suspect, and any slip ups will cost him more than he's willing to pay.

Even if Dumbledore did know, he has no reason to interfere. He's a closet blood-purest, out of favor with the Queen, and they are, after all...'only' muggles.

So far as Dumbledore knows, Harry was hiding from him. HE sees Harry as his pawn, and to him, she's just Harry's mudblood friend. A friend that he can use to get what he wants.

Harry's appearance on Privet Drive forced the old bastard off his arse, but by the time he arrives, it was too late. That will be described in the next chapter.

Then tutors will do their jobs. As I told Cateagle, I would never consider taking an unqualified man into combat and I need Ron and Seamus there. (I've also decided to pair Luna with Ron and Ginny with Seamus. Neville gets both Hannah and Susan, but none of the hanky panky is going to be on-screen.)

Many of the disillusioned purebloods will join Voldy, but they'll be canon fodder. Harry said in July that he was going to 'deal' with the purebloods, just not like Andromeda thought.

Until next time.