Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) Wonderbee31 2010-10-13

First off, wonderful to see you back, and hoping that things have gotten better, as I'm sure the pain of your loss is still with you, but knowing that your sister loved you, and you loved her, that you will be able to continue healing. A great new chapter here, really enjoyed seeing Harry bring the others up to speed, as well as his giving Ron one more chance, something that JKR didn't do in the canon imo, and would be curious to see just how hard a taskmaster Luna is here. Will look forward to Tom's upcoming attack, and if Harry might have a surprise for him, as well as seeing if Dudley and his new female friend make it through this challenge. Also liked seeing the Dursley's called to the carpet, as well as the rest of the neighborhood, and will be curious if Harry's lesson sticks? Again, it'd great to see you back.

Author's response

Thank you for your kind words. Things are still up in the air, but beginning to settle. Fifty times a day I find something she would have thought funny or thoughtful and I think: "Wow! Marion's gonna love this! And then I realize she never will. Damn! I'm gonna miss her.

Harry has been left out to dry so many time he understands what it feels like. Here, his best friend has set aside his comfortable life to be by his side, and he's going to do his absolute best to make sure Ron goes home.

Luna: I really love writing Luna because I Don't think there's any wrong way to do so. She's already got the hots for Ron, ad so, will be applying the old Stick and carrot approach. I'll let your fertile imagination take over.

Voldy's attack: I decided when I started this that win, lose or draw, every time Voldy strikes, he's gonna draw back a bleeding hand. There will be an interesting twist.

Neighborhood/Dursleys: the neighborhood, is typical of most. it took Harry's calling them out to make them understand it is their responsibility to take action if they see something wrong. As for the Dursleys, given that the they're going to be faced with their shame for the next thirty years, I really don't think they can avoid learning a lesson.

Thanks again. I'll post again, as soon as I can.