Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) Disruptor 2010-10-14

I see that the upcomming attack might help Dudley. For some reason, I seem him grab a sword and shiled off a wall and proceeds to hurt some DEs and the shield blocks the so called unblockable since it is IRON.

Won't Dumbly ever learn that Harry has his own genda and can stop Dumbly at any time.

Sadly, I can see the purebloods doing just what they did in joining Voldemort because of the Squib surge uncovereing all the problem laws

As to that baker comment about burning yourself, since I used to be a donut maker I can attest that tempatures can be a lot lower. Certain types of hot coffeee that his been in the news can give 3rd degree burns and that is nowhere near 451F and more like 180F or 190F.

Hm. I wonder if there are going to be little floating balls firing stun bolts to help with deflection training.

Ron is starting to remind me of Rosh Penin.

Author's response

Heya Disruptor.

Dudley will be involved, but he won't be swinging any blades. Sorry.

Good idea though.

~Won't Dumbly ever learn that Harry has his own genda and can stop Dumbly at any time.~


Purebloods: Bigots are bigots. They have been the empowered few, for far too long and as a result, they blame others for their problems.

I've burned myself on many things and I know how little heat it actually takes. Still, when I bake bread, it's usually at 450 and that seemed a reasonable ballpark. 'Sides, Ray Bradbury wrote a strange and frightening story called 'Fahrenheit 451' about a dystopic future where literature, reading and independent thought was forbidden and books were all burned by the 'firemen'. Its title comes from the fact that book paper, (newsprint) begins to burn at 451F.

By the way, a third degree burn is where the flesh is charred. A red mark is a first degree, and blisters indicate second.

The remotes will make a appearance in February...only they'll be using stingers.

I agree. Like Penin, Ron is arrogant and lazy. Here, he's not as bad as in canon, but the potential is still there. One of Harry's biggest fears is that Ron will allow himself to be swayed by the glamor and fall to the dark side. I think I've mentioned that character flaw a few times. Yoda's induced knowledge would be constantly warning him of this potential.

Technically, Harry made a huge mistake allowing Ron to train at all. Now he's dealing with it.

Thanks for the feedback.