Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) twilliams1797 2010-10-15

Having been to too many funerals in the last couple years, I greive for you my friend.
That said, I am glad you are working on something like this story. I find doing creative things helps get my mind right.
I have all the comments made by other reviewers and the answers you have given make me anticipate your next installment.
I know next to nothing about martial arts and sword handling, but I feel as if I had observed some advanced classes here.
Any day you don't learn something new, you might as well quit.

Thanks .

Author's response

Heya Tim.

I hate funerals. Even the funerals I write. No matter if I know the person or not, I always think of my Pauline.

I think I'm going to post 'The Unthinkable Choice' when this story is done. It's a particularly tragic tale with a happy ending.

While I believe in keeping myself busy, 50 times a day I see or read something that I think she'd love to see.

Sigh! I'm gonna miss her!

I thank you for your anticipation. Next chapter is going through the final edit before posting.

Martial arts: Actually it was Mr. Sulu and that epee of his that got me interested in fencing, waaaaaaaayyyy back in '67. It's interesting to note, that my father, was an expert with the blade. In fact he was arrested in Toledo more than once for swordfighting in the streets.

I agree. Masterharper Robinton once said: "The mind that refuses to admit it has more to learn, is a mind in danger of stagnation."

Until next time...