Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) Disruptor 2010-10-20

Way to go Dudley. I have never discounted boxing as a martial art. WWF wrestling moves? Yes, but not boxing. Cassus Clay could eaily kill people with his skill in boxing in his youth(Oh? Sorry. Mahamud Ali is Cassus' other name) I do hope that Dudle is the one to take down Snape or atr least give Snape a few punches to the groin. I wonder if Dudley will talk to Mack about a training regime to help him lose more weight and get into better shape.

Oh, well. Fudge is no more. I wonde how long it will be before the stuff he ranted about before his fall is exposed and cuases even more headaches for the pureblood agends and Dumbledore.

I thought Snape was out of the castle along with Trelwaney(or hiding in the castle) or is there something I missed? I know he is no longer a teacher, but...

As to Dumbledore, I really hope that the person who despises him the most can finally deal with him: Aberforth. Albus' brother. I do wonder about that entire goat thing and if it wasn't created by Albus to discredit Aberforth. Be funny if Aberforth manages to get the head of family away and kicks Albus out of the Dumbledore family.

Fun chapter, although I don't think Nagini deserved what happened to her. She's just an innocent who is caught up in the middle of madmen.

Looks like Ron is slowly comming around. I was wondering if he wouldn't have had the lesson of patience and humility that Rosh Penin recieved from Alora and her two lightsabers

Author's response

Hey again, Disruptor.

Yeah, Cassius Clay was, in my humble opinion, the last real boxer. the man was just incredible! (I do know his story, and I do think he was screwed over badly, because of the unfair and bigoted practices of the US government. He earned that gold medal by showing he was one of the best in the world, he earned his title as heavyweight champion by years of hard work, and they took it because of his religious beliefs and his opposition to the war in Vietnam.)

OK, I'm off my soapbox.

Dudley will not be a regular visitor to the training facility. Carolyn brought him because she thought it would be good for Harry to see him and good for him to see what Harry had accomplished.

Still, he'd doing well on his own. He's got people around him that will support him in his training, and who knows, maybe he really can become heavyweight champion.

Fudge: I actually regretted having Snape kill him. It really wasn't necessary for the story, other than to get Voldemort some gold, but it did show Snape's personality when eh allowed his inner sadist to come out and play.

Snape is no longer a teacher, but Dumbledore arranged for him to stay in the castle on the unused side. He has a potions lab there too.

Dumbledore(s): There's not enough information about Aberforth in canon for me to base a personality on. All that is known is that he despised Albie for Ariana's death, (and no, we will not be going into that here.) and he was convicted for performing inappropriate charms on a goat.

Those 'inappropriate charms' could have been teaching his goats to speak...or dance...or write poetry.

He will get to watch as Albus is 'hoist 'pon his own petard', and when I've done what I intend to Albus, Abe will be head of the house Dumbledore.

Nagini: Now that I look at it, you're right. Dobby does have a wicked sense of humour. I'm sorry. Still, Voldy would never harm her, so she got off easy.

Well, Luna doesn't have -two- lightsabers...yet, and her 'inducement' programme has two parts. He will learn. after all, with such inducement, how could he not?