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(#) Teresa 2010-10-22

Chuckle, you have a point about Voldy and the DE's intelligence; anyone stupid enough to buy into Voldy's ravings and the pureblood agenda wouldn't make it into kindergarden without someone greasing the skids. Antartica might be far enough away, but while Voldy could use the mark against them does he really have the troops to spare if anyone did go awol? Sending what remains of your best out as a hunting pack for errant troops could cost him more than he expected. It might take a little time, but I suspect there will be a few more willing to run from Voldy. Perhaps any punishment Voldy could dish out via the mark is cut by distance. Add in that he's got plenty of problems with Harry, Amelia, and the goblins and he might put that on hold. I can see why Harry isn't telling Hermione about the books right now, but if he had Voldy would have had a headache for days....... snicker. Drace will wear out the ministry monitors since stupidity is his his best skill! Moody was probably impressed that Harry and his students had taken "Constant Vigilence!" to heart! It will be a lovely day indeed when the roof falls on Snape and Dumbles heads......and by the way, have Fawkes, the Hat, or Dobby overheard Dumbles say anything about Trelawney? After all, it would spook Dumbles if she was rescued. Will Dobby "improve" any more of Snape's potions? If Diaz does end up shining shoes I'm pretty sure he won't turn out like a certain humble, but lovable shoeshine boy who moonlighted as Underdog! It was also nice to see Graswold! Thanks again for the chapter! :)

Author's response

Hey Teresa.

While I would normally agree with you, as to the IQ factor, many of the brightest minds in Europe were convinced by Hitler's rhetoric. There was a world-wide depression going on at the time, and he gave them a vision of the future. It's no different here. the die-hards are only about five percent. The rest are criminals seeing this as a perfect opportunity to play, or simply want more power for themselves.

On the other hand, most of the lesser Deez are little better than cannon fodder.

A second attempt to escape: While possible, it's not likely. After all, Voldemort had every Death Eater he had there to witness the 'punishment'. many are considering a lifetime vacation but are any of them really smart enough to try it?

Voldy punishing: While the ability to locate is demonstrated in canon, the ability to punish is only alluded to. I don't think distance really matters, as the connection s a magical one. Though it doesn't go into much detail, Karkaroff was tracked to somewhere in northern Britain.

Given the pain one feels when one is 'summoned'(as attested to by Both Snape and Pettigrew) if he 'summoned' one of his servants strongly enough, or long enough, it could quite well be a long-distance torture.

Moody: The students that were aware of the Order, knew he was a member, and so, felt him to be a treat. At this time, only Harry, Hermione, and a small handful of others know Alastor is working for Harry.

Hermione: Partly, but also that he needs her focused on the task at hand. When they're done, assuming they all survive, it'll be her 'reward'. (His reward will come soon after and guarantee a burial for Voldemort is not necessary, as his corpse would have burst into flames!)

Trelawney is safe where she is. Dumbledore would sacrifice her if he thought she was a potential leak, but under the Draught of Living Death, she's basically static. Still, Dumbledore is losing his touch, and might see her as a potential threat. I'm going to be pulling the Longbottoms out of St. Mungo's, for that very reason, so I might have Dobby and gang snatch her at the same time. Wouldn't that just stuff a burr under his hide!

Improving potions: We still have six months(figurative) for fun&games. Anything can happen!

Diaz: He might. Nothing like getting shot down to knock the starch out of someone. Of course, it could also be a rallying cry. It all depends on how good a cop he really is. I had actually planned for Diaz to learn from his mistake...and it's aftermath. While the Deez have infiltrated the Auror Corps, most of the rest, being cops, have to be smarter than the average bear.

Graswold says 'Hello' too.

Until next time...