Review for Fade Away

Fade Away

(#) campurr 2006-09-21

This story is very well written.It has always stirred in me a distaste for poor Kakashi that carry with me to this day.I know sasuke is considered a traitor but the village drove him to it and this story really feels like one of maryterdom especially heart breaking when one considers that Kakashi as well as Itachi is one of his creators(gods).Purhaps Kakashi is a jealous God (also).He only has loved this "child " with a knife.Sasuke,the dream is over.Just horribly sad.Songs to read this by "The Great Rock'n Roll Swindle/the Sex Pistols and the one from Shaved Fish that starts out with.. "God is a concept"/John Lennon in that order.i have never been driven to set a fic to music before.You bring out strong reactions with this fic(in me ,others too I'm sure