Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) Disruptor 2010-11-02

Well. At least Harry isn't making the same stupity that the KOTOR Jedi and pre-Clone War Jedi made of seperating children from their families. That always irked me.

What is going on with Arabella and her chldren and grandchildren? What is with her being thought dead or her family being thought dead?

Arabella does not have to be a Jedi. Baran Do sage comes to mind or one of the more mental Force paths. Tionne was not that phyiscal a Jedi, but she is/was a healer and historian. Which brings up the next question, does Harry know how to make a holocron? Specifically, can he make a starting Grand Holocron(Dodechedron/12 sided object)?

At least Mack gave Harry some good advice. Why does it have to be Tatooine again? That desert world is really overused. The palace on Onderon with its four moons would be even more overwhelming. Maybe Dxun or Yavin IV. Sorry, just sidetracked a bit

At least Ron is starting to shape up and all it took was him being beaten up by Luna. ^_^ I really thought Ron would have to have his arm chopped off like Rosh Penin did, before he learned humility.

With the way things are going for Dumbles, soon Carolyn will have enough to bring him down. Dumbles forgot one thing: treason against the crown. IF he goes down to that, there is no way any of his written laws can protect him.

At least Cho is growing up. Too bad that she can't have Cedric back. Ah well, maybe someone is in her future. Although when I think of the Changs, I think of the Royal family of Onderon and Freedon Nadd

Author's response

Heya Disruptor.

I agree in some ways and in some, I don't. Isolating the children in an all-Jedi environment would tend to let them concentrate fully on their goal. Parents neighbors and schoolmates would distract them. On the other hand, I think the Jedi are horribly stunted, emotionally speaking. I said in chapter two, that the old code allowed for emotion as long as it was controlled, the new code divorces the person from that emotion and that is, I feel, a baaaad idea!

Arabella: Dumbledore needed her to watch over Harry to the exclusion of anything else. I think it would be well within his character to spread a few lies and do some obliviating to make sure.

No, Arabella does not have to be a knight. She can be a chronicler, researcher, librarian, historian, healer, or even creche minder.

Holochrons will not come into play here. Nearly all Yoda's memories of those devices are darkside, and so, he would have kept them from Harry.

Yoda's memories will come into play next chapter, but only for information.

Tatooine: You have to understand that at this point in time, Harry is only familiar with Tatooine, Yavin 4, Hoth, Dagobah, Cloud City on Bespin, and Endor. The movies he's seen parts of, only feature those planets...and the Death Stars, of course.

While he has Yoda's induced memories, Harry has barely looked through them and then only to build the lightsabers and learn to use them.

Ron: Hell, I've wanted to pound that stupid carrot into orange goo, pretty much from the first. In canon, he's lazy, unmotivated, gluttonous, and bigoted. Effectively he's Gryffindor's Malfoy, but without the money.

Here, he's not quite as bad as in canon, but he's immature and lacking in drive. He can be redeemed, so I've given him a chance to live up to his promise. Luna will be using the 'carrot and stick' method of training him, and some painful burns are definitely 'the stick'.

Dumbledore: Pretty much everything Albie has done can be considered treason, and that will come into play at the end of the fic.

Cho: I always thought Cho got a raw deal. First, she was fifteen when Cedric died. Nobody seemed to care in the slightest. Nobody gave her any support, not even a shoulder to cry on. Harry's lack of emotional depth didn't help any either. Though he was raised in an emotionally constipated environment, his interaction over the past four years with Hermione should have taught him at least some kind of sympathy...especially for a girl he was crushing on.

Unfortunately, like most of JKR's characters, Cho is a paper-doll. I decided to flesh out her character just a little. Here, she's still enamoured of Harry, but not to the exclusion of everything else. She likes him, and is willing to marry him, but she really doesn't love him.

To be head Girl she has to be smart, dedicated, and capable, as well a having a backbone(Percy Weasley notwithstanding). Here she uses that backbone to full effect. You'll be seeing her again.

Thanks for the well-thought-out review. I wish all my reviews were like this.