Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) Cateagle 2010-11-02

I quite enjoyed that rif on 1 Corinthians, Chapter 13; it was quite appropriate for the circumstances, too, and will go well with pointing them to the Light Side. I can empathize with Luna having to take drastic measures to get Ron properly motivated and working/studying; methinks she end up with a much better Ron as a partner than the Ron of canon. I like that he's expanding thier training to make them very well equipped to survive 'most anywhere; in the long run this will prove most beneficial and in the short run it gives them more well-earned confidence.

The discussion with Arabella Figg was fascinating and I can see her filling roles that would free others up for dealing with other urgent jobs; it's a win/win for all concerned. I also imagine that there's more info in her journal that'll be of help to Carolyn in going after Albus. I'm glad Harry moved Neville's parents into Potter Castle; they can't be used as pawns there and I suspect examining them in the Force might produce some useful results toward healing them. The same thing applies with Sybil Trelawny and healing her (wonder if she's Force sensitive and, if so, if her gifts would improve with training).

The scene at Hogwarts was amusing and I like that Cho is living up to the responsibilities of being Head Girl and not taking any guff nor showing deference to any. I'm certain Draco will try some revenge but I suspect it's just going to earn him even more hurt. Albus' reaction to the controls Amelia's putting into place is enlightening and amusing as he finds a truly even playing field to be so very undesireable for his plans; I suspect he's in for even more headaches as matters progress (I suspect his reactions to the removal of the Longbottoms and Sybil will be entertainingly pyrotechnic and quite futile).

I believe that quote goes back to way before the civil war; what celashe may be remembering is the incident where Lee's messenger dropped a bunch of cigars with a message around them; Union forces recovered the whole thing and brought Lee to battle. Unfortunately, McClellan was still commanding the Union forces and once again brought a draw out of what should have been an outright win (ISTR that it was the battle of Antietam but it's been a while since I reviewed the history of the War Between the States).

Author's response

Heya Cat!

Funny thing is, I'm a Buddhist(Nicherin Daishonin), but I've read through both old and new testament at least a couple times each. There are a few passages that always seem to stand out. That's one of them. It seemed to fit the situation so well I hadda use it.

I feel for poor Luna, but I had her in mind for Ron from the train ride home. Since even here, he's lazy and under-motivated, I knew Harry would have to deal with him sooner or later. This was what I was aiming at from the start of training.

Training and confidence: Precisely!

Arabella: Harry was most concerned with getting her away from Dumbledore. What she decides to do in the future is up to her. Judith will teach her the basic techniques she needs, to touch the force, but from then on, she'll be a walk on.

Carolyn isn't going to have to do much to Albus. He's going to pretty much do himself.(And so far, he's been doing a bang-up job!) Her primary job is to keep him off balance until Harry does the nasty.

Longbottoms: I had that idea as well. In the next chapter, I've arranged for one of the trainees to transfer to medical as a conscientious objector, and become a healer. If you've paid attention you'll know who. I'm thinking she'll begin to make some progress with the Longbottoms, though it wont' be the instant cure Radaslab used. That was a good idear, but I can't justify it. It might be something along those lines, though.

Trelawney: I'm still not decided what to do with her. I can stuff her into a stasis tube, which would be the safest move, but Harry has a noble streak about him, Blast! He'd want to take care of her. If I let her go and the blood-based compulsions are there, it could prove disastrous. Even if Dumbledore can't breach the wards, he'd get word to Tommy and he'd have his badly dressed social club hanging on Harry's doorstep from then on in.

Sybill Force training: Don't know. If anything, that's for the future.

Cho: As I said, She got a raw deal in canon. Here, I'm making it up to her.

Draco: He will and it will.

Albie: Count on it! As for discovering the absence, he left Sybill to starve. He doesn't care about her. She was simply a pawn who'd outlived her usefulness. As for the Longbottoms, he's too busy trying to salvage his own image to check for the time being, and by the time he does, it'll be too late.

Who was Lee's messenger working for? There is absolutely no way that was an accident. "Gee Boss, I knew I had it somewhere! I guess I forgot and wrapped my cigars in that top secret dispatch so no one could find them, but the on the way here I left them somewhere on the road, kinda near the Union lines. Could'a happened to anyone!"